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Method of dyeing Mother of Pearl

The colors (shades) represented in these images are those obtained starting with white buttons, which weren't trated. Our dyes can be mixed because they are chemically compatible with each other, and meet current European and international regulations.
Depending on the quality and the nature of the material the results are different, in shades and degree of dye, if you want some beautiful clear and vivid colors a chemical method is recommend: Soak the buttons in an aqueous solution containing the 10% potassium hydroxide for several hours at room temperature. To get the darker colors melt a 5% 5% silver nitrate and copper sulphate in a solution of ammonia for about three days at room temperature.

Dissolve the dye in water, 1 g/l for MP fuchsia, blue, MP2, MP2 Purple, yellow and 3MP 4g/l MP1 for blue, green, MP, MP1-2 red, purple MP1; lead to 50-60°C and dyed for 1-2 days depending on the tone.