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Method for dyeing polyester

Typically, the material to dye does not require any preparation. Sometimes, however, to free him from process waste, we recommend using an aqueous solution containing 10% of NEWDET-100 at 40° -50°C and then rinsed in running water.

- Suspend the dye (3-6 g/l) in warm water, add 2ml/l of POLIDISPERDENTE N (or possibly, to achieve higher solubility of the dye, you can add 0.5% acetic acid);
- increase the temperature of the water to boiling, submerge the product to be dyed, to reach the desired shade ;
- rinse in running water.
If necessary to remove the dye not attached to the material, dilute 2g/l DETERGENTE PON in a neutral or slightly acid bath, set at 30 -40 C for about 5-10 minutes and rinse and dry.